Dear Parents,

As you know, reading at Keystone Schools is one of the most important skills. In order to reinforce our students & reading habits, encourage reading and set an example for them, we organize many activities such as guided reading activities, free reading, and the monthly Drop Everything And Read activity. While our students’ reading habits are developing and in addition to mechanical reading, we use techniques such as rhythm reading, follow-up reading, focus on tone to express emotions and body language to express comprehension.

We are organizing a project called “STORYTELLERS” in order to turn all of our work into entertainment. We ask our students to read the books below, found on Keystone International Schools’ website, in accordance with their class level, and to record this reading with a video shoot and deliver it to us.

Grade 1 and 2: Handing it on: (English)
Grade 3 and 4: Günaydın Tale: (English)
Grade 5: Omer in Oslo: (English/French) or Mia and The Invisible Hat: (English)

Jury: Students that read books in English will be evaluated by Keystone / Kilittaşı Secondary School-High School Teacher Anna Çeliker, and middle school and high school students;
Students that read books in French will be evaluated by Madam Kohen and Monsieur Damar and high school students.
The videos of our students will be sent to
The submitted videos will be published on Keystone International Schools YouTube Channel. The number of likes received by the videos published on YouTube channel will be considered as one of the evaluation criteria.
The platform will be open for submission until the 25th of May and the winners will be announced on the 1 st of June.
The number of likes received by the videos will constitute 30% of the total score and the jury’s evaluation will constitute 70% of the total score.
A gift voucher from D&R will be sent to the winners of the competition. The jury will focus on students’:

  • Reading fluency,
  • Accurate intonation,
  • Effective use of body language.