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Primary School Clubs

Welcome to the vibrant world of Primary School Clubs, where creativity, curiosity, and camaraderie come together to make learning an adventure! Our diverse range of clubs offers students the opportunity to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships outside the classroom. From arts and crafts to science experiments, there's something for every young explorer. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, laughter, and growth. Let the fun begin!

Chess Club

Chess Club provides a stimulating environment for students to develop critical thinking skills, strategic planning, and sportsmanship through the ancient chess game. Participants not only sharpen their minds but also foster a sense of camaraderie as they engage in friendly competitions and collaborative problem-solving.

Mind Games

Mind Games Club is a haven for students who enjoy exploring various intellectually stimulating challenges beyond chess. From logic puzzles to strategy-based board games, participants delve into diverse mind games that entertain and cultivate cognitive skills, encouraging creative problem-solving and teamwork.

Art & Design

Art & Design Club provides a dynamic space for students to unleash their creativity and hone their artistic skills. Through diverse projects and hands-on activities, participants explore various art forms, encouraging self-expression while developing an appreciation for aesthetics and design principles.

Hip-Hop Dance

The Hip-Hop Dance Club is a dynamic space where students experience an energetic and expressive world of hip-hop dance. From learning iconic moves to creating their choreography, participants develop physical fitness and coordination and embrace self-expression through the powerful medium of dance. The club fosters teamwork, creativity, and a vibrant sense of community, making it an exciting and inclusive outlet for students to explore the artistry of hip-hop culture.

Turkish Language

Turkish Language Club is a welcoming space where students immerse themselves in the beauty of the Turkish language. Through interactive lessons and language exchange, participants embark on a journey of linguistic discovery, fostering cross-cultural connections and a deeper understanding of Turkey. The club provides a supportive environment for individuals to learn and appreciate Turkish, promoting both language proficiency and a sense of global community.


Drama club is a place where we learn how to act and interact with the audience. Students will learn how to write and act out basic scripts on stage. They will combine fun and responsibility with their talents. We dream of performing a musical with drama students at the end of the year with our amazing actors and actresses.  

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