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Friday Newsletter 24-11-2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Dear Keystone and Kilittaşı Parents,

For a child, the first breath, first step, first smile, first word, and everything else begins with the mother and father. The first teacher is the mother, followed by the father, then the first row, first school, first letter, and the first exemplary teacher. Teaching is the world's most dangerous profession. As a teacher, you can turn a child's world into a paradise or a wasteland. Teachers are individuals with the power to gift a confident, compassionate, and self-aware person to the future world. This power is so vast and dangerous that the merciless, cruel, and evil individuals of the future are also shaped by us, the teachers. Rest assured that we will use this power wisely. We, as teachers, are working to encourage our students to dream, learn with laughter, ask questions, love, and, above all, be good human beings. I celebrate the day of all teachers, including you parents, who were the first teachers of your children.

Dear Kilittaşı and Keystone Community,

After the break, we did a good start with some activities and events,

Field Trip to Koç Museum

On Thursday, November 23, our INT3 and DUAL3 students went on an excursion to explore the history of Turkey’s transportation, communication, and social systems. This museum provided our students insight into Turkey's industrial sector and the ever-evolving nature of technology.

Field Museum of Modern Art

On Thursday, November 23, our INT4, DUAL4, and INT5 went on a field trip to the Museum of Modern Art to delve into the beautiful world of art and expression. It is imperative for our team to ensure that our students have an appreciation for creativity in all its forms.

Visit from Dr. Lawrence Heisler

We were honored to have the renowned research scientist Dr. Lawrence Heisler visit our campus on Friday, November 24. He is leading research on genome sequence informatics at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. During his visit, our high school students spoke with him about his field of study and educational background.

Next Week

PTO Bake Sale

Who doesn’t what a sweet treat around this time of the year! Our incredible PTO team will hold a bake sale on Monday, November 27, to celebrate the holiday season. Please send your child around 50TL so they can enjoy the treats prepared for the day.

Lemonade Sale

Our Grade 5 students are reading Lemonade War this semester, and in light of this topic, the students will set up a lemonade stand during break times on Thursday, November 30. Each cup of refreshing homemade lemonade will cost 30TL, so please send your child to school with some pocket money for the sale.

Pajama Day

Our much-awaited Pajama Day is just around the corner on Thursday, November 30! We request that students wear their winter pajamas to school. Our team has organized activities to get the students in the spirit of the holiday season.

Annual Trip to Canada

We have started collecting the required documents from all students interested in taking part in our annual trip to Canada for our high school students. The trip provides a unique and remarkable experience for our students who want to immerse themselves in Canadian culture. If you are interested in having your child take part in this trip, please send us a confirmation email no later than the end of next week. The trip will be from April 6 to 20.

We hope to see you all in the parent-teacher meeting that will be held tomorrow in our school.

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