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Friday Newsletter 15-12-2023

Dear Keystone and Kilittaşı Community,

Although it's December, the sun hasn't abandoned us yet. Hopes are just like that. As we prepare to leave behind 2023, we carry our hopes into the next year for a better, more peaceful, and serene year. We will share these hopes with you on Sunday, December 17th. Hopes will be in the form of a song, a poem, or a dance, creating a path from your ears to your heart. Our Winterfest event will begin with the opening of the school choir at 11:00. Students are required to be at school by 10:50 at the latest in their green and red outfits with Santa’s hat. Dance students will wear loose-fitting jeans, colorful long-sleeved t-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses, accessories, bandanas, and bracelets.



Representing Keystone schools with our students at the Winterfest event organized by the International Women of Istanbul at Dedeman Hotel was excellent. Our students responded to questions about their school and gave information about academics and daily life. Thanks to our students Joana, Nada, and Irmak Jasmin.


One of the things we value most at school is reinforcing learning with real-life experiences. We attach great importance to trips related to what our students learn. This week, we had two beautiful trips. Kilittaşı 3rd-grade students, who learned about the shape and movements of the Earth, visited the Ali Kuşçu Observatory this week. Our 2nd graders participated in a workshop called "Zeyd's World" at Istanbul Modern, aligning with the competency of expressing emotions and thoughts with visuals they learned at school.


Next week is our last week of school before we have our New Year's break. The break will begin on Saturday, the 23rd, and school will return on Tuesday 2nd January. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday at our Winter Fest.

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