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Friday Newsletter 03-11-2023

Updated: Nov 9

Dear Keystone and Kilittaşı Community,

The students are getting very excited as the most extended term of our year is nearly over, and a well-deserved break is on the horizon. They have worked hard to start the year academically successful, with their first exam period almost completed. Due to the public holiday, the President declared that our ELA exams will be held on Monday, 6th November. The Autumn break will start at the end of school on Friday, 11th November, and we will welcome all our students back on Monday, 20th November. GRAND CELEBRATION OF THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF REPUBLIC DAY. On Sunday, October 29th, we celebrated the vibrant and joyful 100th year of Republic Day at our school. Our faculty, students, and school community came together to enjoy the talented performances of our students and teachers. They sang and performed a waltz while we honoured Atatürk. During the ceremony, Our kindergarten students had a meaningful and touching experience that helped them feel the love and respect for our country's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. We thank everyone for their overwhelming participation. Our love and appreciation for ATATÜRK will never die. OSSLT EXAMS Some of our Grade 11 and 12 students completed their practice OSSLT exams this week in preparation for the actual exams next week. This is part of the Ontario graduation requirements for them, so shortly, they will be one step closer to graduating successfully with their Canadian high school diploma. HALLOWEEN On Tuesday, we celebrated Halloween with the many different activities put on by our Round Square Team. The primary and middle school students enjoyed themselves with a fashion parade followed by face painting, games, and a movie afternoon for our younger ones. The students’ costumes were wonderful and highly creative. I appreciate your support in making this day memorable for your children. Kindergarten students had a blast coming to school in their funny and creative costumes. They watched in amazement as their older classmates paraded their own costumes. Throughout the day, they enjoyed trick-or-treating and collecting healthy treats while modeling their costumes and playing fun games. These happy moments from their preschool days left a lasting impression on their young minds. PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS Kindergarten parent-teacher meetings will be held on Saturday, November 4th. Before the meeting, your child's progress reports will be sent to you for review. Time schedules for the meetings with your teachers have already been arranged. Therefore, please make sure to be on time. It is essential to be punctual. Parent-teacher meetings for primary, middle, and high school will be held on Saturday, November 25th. We will share primary school student progress reports before the meetings so parents and teachers can discuss student progress and expectations. We will post middle and high school students’ grades on K12 Net. ANKARA TRIP On Saturday, November 4th, Kilittaşı has organized a trip to Ankara for all our KIS and KIT students and families interested in learning more about the history of Modern Turkey. Primary school students will attend the field trip with their parents, but middle and high schoolers can come alone. Ms. Kader, Mr. Kağan, Ms.Eda, and Ms.Berna will be with the students. We look forward to an informative and fun trip together. NEXT WEEK Breast Cancer Awareness Our Round Square team will organize activities on Thursday, November 9, to raise awareness about breast cancer. All students should wear pink on the specified date to support the cause. Annual Canada Trip We want to announce our upcoming trip to Canada for our high school students (Grade 9 to Grade 12)! The trip will take place from April 6th to April 20th. Parents interested in having students take part in this trip should email We will hold an informational meeting for all interested parents on November 8th at 3 p.m. Students who exhibit disruptive behavior or low academic progress will not be allowed to take part in this opportunity. Here is the link for the meeting Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 326 331 1504 Passcode: n20YZD ANNOUNCEMENTS Annual France Trip We are arranging an April trip to France for our middle school students. Parents interested in having students take part in this trip should email We will be holding a presentation for students and parents in the coming month when all the details are finalized. Have a great weekend

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