Parent Testimonials

We joined Keystone in 2015. We joined after looking at all the International Schools in Istanbul. I still remember that first visit to Keystone, we saw smiles on the kids faces, and thats what convinced us that Keystone is the right choice. We loved the positive vibe of Keystone and we felt our child will be in a happy and safe environment. Parth is now in 8th grade and he loves going to school every day and he does not like to miss even one day. Since 2015 the school has only shown progression – In the quality of teachers and in improvements to school facilities.

We are from India where schools are very different from Istanbul. But, our son adapted to Keystone very well. The teachers made him feel so comfortable. They listen and respect what the children want and till junior school, there is no academic pressure. Each subject has project-based study which helps children get practical knowledge and helps them understand properly. Though the school is not very strict with children, the rules of the school are followed diligently by the school as well as children and parents. Tripti Negi

One of my important reasons for choosing Keystone is finding this school as a member of my family. Its environment, friendly place and the atmosphere of classes remind me of my school.
Actually my daughter is an independent girl with enough self – confidence. So finding a place which can improve or create this in children is incredibly important.
In comparison with other international schools, I admire the academic timetable and the way of teaching.
Samira Issahzade

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Keystone Schools. Thank you to the management team for their outstanding communication during this difficult time, and I would also like to thank the wonderful, caring, patient teachers devoted to helping my children reach their full potential.

We are very lucky to have found Keystone. Keystone’s environment is warm and welcoming, we feel safe bringing our children there and it is amazing to see my boys improvement educationally and socially every day. My children are happy at Keystone and they loved it from the first day! Thank you,
Deena Tahir

Keystone International School is the best choice of school for my children. The school environment is happy and my children always like to attend classes every day. They easily settled well and made new friends. School administration is friendly, very welcoming school staff and always prioritize the safety of the students. The teachers are very motivated to teach, very initiative in teaching and practice classroom discipline. Lastly, the school is a green school; I loved that my children eating organic and healthy food and well-balanced meals.
Florita Villa Flores
We have had both our children experience KIS education. KIS has provided safe, comfortable, and friendly environment for them to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent and as well as team learning experiences ensuring all-around development. Special thanks to all teachers and staff. Good work KIS !

Banu Turkoglu

As a parent, I know that my child receives a stimulating education in two languages and is learning a third. She is always in the fresh air and eats healthy food. Her horizon is broadened through creativity, kindness, and internationalism. As a teacher, I value our team spirit and pursuit of academic excellence and take delight in how different yet similar we all are.

Anna Grabolle Çeliker

My 3 kids have been attending Keystone International Schools for the last 4 years and all in different classes and they are looking forward to go to school every morning. Kids are growing up in an international community, with children from all around the world, learning different cultures and they enjoy their time with their classmates. Teachers are professional, caring, well organized and always encourage them to do their best. Everyone at the school is willing to help and solve any issues or problems.
Theano Agiostratiti

As a parent of a Keystone International School student, I could not express my gratitude in such difficult times going through such a big pandemic crisis. The measures that the school has immediately taken in making sure that the student’s education has been supported in the best possible ways has made us very happy. Hence they were already supported through online education with Keystone Toronto. We are very happy to be a part of the Keystone family. Wishing everybody safe and healthy days!
Sevgi Fakhoury

Keystone is the first home and school of my kids since they came from their home country “United Arab Emirates” when they were kids 6 years ago. The success of this school comes from the right management of the founder Mrs. Sema Kizilkaya. We believe in her passion and love for education and dedication. She created this boutique school with a community feel. All teachers and staff are very helpful and well prepared to help children and families. I particularly appreciate the school’s regular communication with parents. I believe that my kids are very lucky to be a part of an international school that they learn and respect different nationalities with a large number of cultures.
We enjoy being part of KIS and highly recommend to anyone looking for a great school.
Beste Al Hemairi

Keystone is a very unique school with audacious vision of its founders to provide a holistic learning experience to students from all over the world. Is a place of creativity, intellectual abundance, school of dreamers, appreciating life and joy of learning. Needless to say, that all Keystoners are immersed in these intrinsic values. Students develop both academic skills and life long personal experiences. Our daughter in her 14 years wrote a novel, published it in Amazon, traveled to the US with public speaking at Harvard, was recipient of scholarship from Johns Hopkins University Center of Talented Youth. These all happened because she grew up in environment entrusted in her skills and nourishing her personality with unique experiences. She is a regular kid growing in a great school. And this is just a beginning of her life.. Wishing all kids grew in such an environment with respect to personality and thoroughly guidance by building up a confidence in themselves. Dr. Sevinç Yatman

We arrived in Istanbul in 2018 and chose Keystone because it made us feel welcome and that we were becoming part of a large family.  Our boys are happy in school and look forward to going there every day. The environment is very international and diverse.

The Canadian curriculum followed is well balanced and with many experiential aspects such as class projects and presentation skills, learning to collaborate not only with classmates but other classes and even teaching things to younger children, and learning to have tolerance and empathy towards others.

We also want to thank Keystone for all their efforts during the COVID 19 pandemic, and successfully organizing the 3-month online schooling period.

Both our boys were engaged and motivated, and all the digital tools they are using will be very useful for their future, especially in terms of keeping track of assignments and taking full responsibility of their work.

Loukia Efthymiadou – Zygouras