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Middle School Clubs

Welcome to the exciting world of Middle School Clubs, where learning becomes an adventure thanks to the combination of creativity, curiosity, and friendship! Students can explore their interests, learn new skills, and create enduring friendships outside of the classroom by joining any one of our many groups. For every young explorer, there is something to do, from science experiments to arts & crafts. Come along on this fascinating voyage of learning, growth, and humor. Now let the good times start!


JMUN teaches participants skills like researchpublic speakingdebatingwritingcritical thinkingteamwork, and leadership. The students will  formulate position papers, and create policy proposals that they will debate with other delegates during conferences. In these educational simulations students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other UN delegates from around the world.

Destination Imagination

DI is an international contest where students are trying to figure out possible solutions for the given challenges by using their creativity and problem solving skills. Every year, they create a story and start their endless journey to their imaginary world, then they present their work in Antalya with many other schools around the world. 


Volleyball Club is a fun and active group where students can learn and play volleyball together. It's a great way for kids to make new friends, stay fit, and enjoy the excitement of the game in a supportive and friendly environment.  Students will learn the rules of the sport and engage in fun and friendly competition amongst themselves as well as against neighboring schools

Hip-Hop Dance

The Hip-Hop Dance Club is a dynamic space where students experience an energetic and expressive world of hip-hop dance. From learning iconic moves to creating their choreography, participants develop physical fitness and coordination and embrace self-expression through the powerful medium of dance. The club fosters teamwork, creativity, and a vibrant sense of community, making it an exciting and inclusive outlet for students to explore the artistry of hip-hop culture.

Turkish Language

Turkish Language Club is a welcoming space where students immerse themselves in the beauty of the Turkish language. Through interactive lessons and language exchange, participants embark on a journey of linguistic discovery, fostering cross-cultural connections and a deeper understanding of Turkey. The club provides a supportive environment for individuals to learn and appreciate Turkish, promoting both language proficiency and a sense of global community.


Drama club is a place where we learn how to act and interact with the audience. Students will learn how to write and act out basic scripts on stage. They will combine fun and responsibility with their talents. We dream of performing a musical with drama students at the end of the year with our amazing actors and actresses.  


Sculpture Club offers students a chance to express themselves creatively by exploring three-dimensional art forms through hands-on sculpting projects. The club encourages artistic expression and provides a platform for students to develop their skills in sculpting. 

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