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High School

Welcome to the exciting and transformative years of high school at Keystone Schools, where we are dedicated to providing a rigorous and enriching educational experience aligned with the Prince Edward Island (PEI)  for Grade 10 and Ontario curriculum for Grades 11 & 12. As your child enters high school, they will embark on a journey of academic excellence, personal growth, and preparation for future success.

At Keystone Schools, we are committed to fostering a stimulating learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for knowledge. Our high school program, rooted in the PEI curriculum as well as the Ontario curriculum, offers a diverse range of subjects and opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop essential skills, and prepare for higher education and the workforce.

Our experienced and dedicated educators are focused on nurturing individual talents and strengths while providing comprehensive guidance and support. High school years are a time of exploration and self-discovery, and we are here to assist students in finding their passions, setting goals, and achieving their full potential. Whether students are interested in advanced academics, arts, sports, or community service, our school provides a rich array of extracurricular activities and resources to help them thrive.

In addition to academic rigor, we emphasize the importance of character education and personal development. Our holistic approach ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills, ethical values, and a strong sense of social responsibility. We prepare our students to become well-rounded individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world with confidence, integrity, and resilience.

High school is a crucial phase in a student's life, and we are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive community where students can grow, learn, and succeed. We value the partnership between school, parents, and the community, working together to create an enriching and empowering educational experience for your child at Keystone Schools. We look forward to guiding them toward a future filled with endless possibilities and achievements.


GRADE 10 (PEI) ENG421A (English) MAT421A (Mathematics) SCI421A (Science) GEO421A (Geography) ART401A (Art) MUS421A (Music) ITC401A (Information Technology) HIS421A (History) CEO401A (Career) PED401A (Wellness) French

GRADE 11 (Ontario) ENG3U (English) MCR3U (Functions) MEL3E (Mathematics for work and everyday life) GWL30 (Designing Your Future) Physical Education BTA3O (Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment) ASM3M (Media Arts) SBI3U (Biology) SCH3U (Chemistry) CHT3O (History) SPH3U (Physics) HSP3U (Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology)

GRADE 12 (Ontario) ENG4U (English) Physical Education Information Technology CIA4U (Economics) SPH4U (Physics) CGW4U (World Issues) SCH4U (Chemistry) MHF4U (Advanced Functions) MCV4U (Calculus & Vectors) BOH4M (Business Leadership) ASM4M (Media Arts) SBI4U (Biology) HSB4U (Challenge & Change)

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