Human beings ability to adapt, even though we are as small as a pinhead in comparison to our universe is amazing, I guess? Our online education, which was started at homes because of the Covid19 pandemic, is continuing with increased experience and additional innovations every week for students between the ages of 3 and 18…. Last week I was an online guest of 6 different primary school classes. I read the story books I wrote years ago to the children and then we chatted about the books. I was amazed by our adaptability at the moment, I am sure many of you agree. Children from 3 years old have found themselves in the world of online education, perhaps the digital environment that families have kept at arm’s length until now has been imposed on children. The families had to give up their beliefs and sit their children in front of the computer, so that they would keep their kids with their friends and continue to socialize in a digital environment at scheduled times.

Let’s imagine that these children are unaware, many of them are in their first year of school and now they are receiving online education.  It is very expected that they look at online tools as a natural part of education.   Just as the child’s language starts at the age of 3, because the language of the school is English, they think this language is spoken in schools. In other words, the language of the house, the language of this school and the other languages are not labeled mother tongue or foreign language.  Therefore, between the ages of 2 and 6, human beings can learn 6 languages ​​within a “Natural Environment”. The brain and nerve connections are shaped in such a way in the face of what they see and witness at this young age impacts their learning. They were born as future digital information age individuals, and they are growing up for this purpose. So never let your children leave the school, no matter what school your children are in, let them have this incredible experience and internalize and naturalize it. This is not normal for you, but for the children it is natural and expected by them. If you listen to children, you will witness that they will never escape from this new age. Children will join the new world order.

In addition, the education system that you experienced and envisioned has changed since March 2020, you may not adapt to this easily, but children are at the very beginning of this order, and they have to enter in this inevitable system now or later.  Even if you try to swim against the tide, it is not possible to resist, we are already part of it.


A few months ago, when my mother, stood to say “hello” to the group of friends after I left work.  There were a group of 15 young at heart women, between 75 and 85 years of age. It was now evening and they were leaving to return home, but before leaving, they were trying to determine the next meeting day.  All trying to find a common day by looking at their phones. And they couldn’t find any common available days, all of them have different schedules, doctor’s appointments, other friend meetings, grandchildren’s birthdays, etc. Their schedules were so busy.  I helped them choose a common day by leading them, and in the end we determined one day, the images of 15 young souls recording their meeting day on their phones surprised me and made me smile.

Even they are ……… ..


Sema Kızılkaya