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Admissions Policy

At Keystone, we wholeheartedly believe that quality education and fair access to resources for intellectual development is every child's inalienable right. As teachers and educators, we aim to provide an engaging and stimulating environment that addresses the specific needs of every student, with a curriculum meticulously curated to facilitate their academic, social, and emotional development.

Our push for excellence starts at the very beginning, through an admissions process focusing equally on identifying the strongest candidates and individuals who embody Keystone's core values. A key objective in this process and our teaching methodology is effective communication, which begins with requisite assessment meetings between prospective students, their parents, and Keystone's academic and administrative staff.

English Proficiency

For students aged three and above, English is the primary language of instruction at Keystone. All our teachers are proficient in English, and we expect prospective students to have a basic command of the language.

A child's English-language skills will be evaluated in the assessment above meetings; if we sense a candidate lacks proficiency, we will provide verbal feedback and devise a plan with the parents to address this issue.


We can accommodate students with limited proficiency in English.


We can accommodate students with limited proficiency in English. However, we request that parents seek additional support by enrolling their child in an English-language course before the commencement of the academic year.

Primary, Middle, and High School

We carry out English and other academic assessments to determine the needs and proficiency level of the student. We provide feedback to the parents after evaluating the student's performance in these assessments. If the child's proficiency in English could prove to be an obstacle to their academic progress, we will advise the parents accordingly.

If we believe the child's proficiency in English is insufficient but does not represent a significant obstacle, we will suggest the following:
● Enrollment in an English-language course before the start of the academic year.
● Request the child be registered in an intensive English-language program.


The child's language skills will be evaluated throughout the academic year. If we observe progress, we will move the student to regular classes midway through the semester or at the end.

However, if the student requires more time, we will keep them in the program for the entire academic year.

Admission Procedure

1. When the parents call the school, the school secretary will give general information about the school and arrange an appointment with the principal or vice principal and the relevant guidance counselor, depending on the student's age.
2. Interested parents fill in the Registration Form before meeting with the principal or vice principal and hand it to the secretary or submit online.
3. The principal or vice principal conducts a meeting with the interested parent. While this meeting is in progress the guidance counselor will take the student to their office and have a short meeting to make a psychological evaluation of the student. If the student will enter Grade 4 or higher, they also must sit an entrance examination at the school under the supervision of the relevant guidance counselor. Once the exam has been completed and marked, the guidance counselor will send an email to the principal advising of the recommendation for the student (English level proficiency, readiness of the student for the appropriate grade level, etc.).
4. If the student passes the academic assessment, a guidance counselor will invite the student for a class visit. The relevant classroom teacher will welcome the student and observe them. If suitable, the visiting student may also join classroom activities.
     a. Transcripts need to be provided for all middle and high school prospective students.
           i. IMPORTANT: High school students' transcripts should be checked before the student is allowed to register. If there are any missing credits, the
                                      academic coordinator will design an action plan for the student.
5. The academic coordinator, guidance counselor, and classroom teacher will consult the principal for any concerns. If not, the school secretary will email the family and proceed with the registration.
The parent/s will be asked to complete a more detailed Registration Form.
     a. NOTE: If the guidance counselors, academic coordinator, vice principal and principal decide that the student does not meet the standards for                              admission, the principal or vice principal will call the parent/s and inform them about the decision.

6. If the parent chooses to register, the admissions coordinator will update the school's database and K12 NET. If a student starts immediately, they will send an informative email to the entire school.
     a. The student services officer, and MEB officers will update the current student lists.

New Registrations, Re-Registration, and Pricing


During the first week of February, the school fees for the next academic year are determined and announced to parents via email. We ask all parents to complete the registration process for the upcoming academic year maximum two weeks before the commencement of school.


Please contact the school for current tuition fees.

Refund Policy

Pursuant to Article 56/3-a of the Directorate of private schools, those students who leave before the start of Education are deducted 10% of the Annual tuition fee and the remainder is refunded.  For the students who leave after school starts, education and food costs for the days in the school are also calculated.

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