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We pride ourselves on our diversity

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As an international school, we pride ourselves on the immersive educational experience we offer our students through collaboration between our teachers and guidance team.  Given the ever-changing nature of our world, we receive students from all nationalities depending on the socio-political climate of the global world.  Our teachers, guidance team, and our administration's main aim is to cater to the academic and social needs of all our students through strict adherence to our Code of Conduct and the standards set by the Turkish Education Ministry and Prince Edward Island.

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Accommodating Student Needs


Keystone International Schools follow Prince Edward Island's curriculum with the exception of 11th and 12th grade, who follow the Ontario Curriculum.  Our curriculum has been carefully curated to be in line with local and Canadian educational standards, which is apparent in our students' academic performance and progress.  Therefore, our schoolwide learner outcomes are determined primarily by our curriculum, but we recognize that we need to highlight specific academic needs of all students to keep them up to pace with Canadian and international counterparts.

​       * Identifying Students Needs

               *Kindergarten School at Keystone International School

                  -Develop strong foundation in English proficiency

                  -Direct approach to elevate intellectual and physical well-being

                  -Promote healthy social and emotional communicative skills

                  -Understand diverse subject domains utilizing various methodology

               *Primary School at Keystone International School

                  -Develop proficiency in English and French

                  -Understanding of information technology

                  -Promote cognitive strategy in thinking and communicating

                  -Develop motor skills

                  -Display a positive attitude towards peers and learning

               *Middle School at Keystone International School

                  -Develop adequate proficiency in English and French

                  -Develop differentiated learning strategies

                  -Counseling sessions to address various mental health needs

                  -Provide after-school and in-school clubs for social development

                  -Community engagement through interdisciplinary activities 

               *High School at Keystone International School

                  -Develop proficiency in English and French. 

                  -Prepare students for post-secondary education by honing


                   qualitative and quantitative analytical skills. 

                  -Emphasis on research, public speaking, and essay writing. 


                  -Provide regular guidance and college counselling sessions to


                   address the various mental health, social, and academic needs of                     


                  -Promote community engagement through collaboration with local


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