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KIS ( Keystone International School ) is a unique, dynamic, boutique school in the heart of İstanbul. KIS offers an international K-12 program, which is accredited by WASC ( Western Association of Colleges ) and continues offering the highest standards of education. We see teaching and learning as a journey, where students are active participants who grow and develop both, academically and socially. The holistic and natural approach to learning brings together the child’s head, heart, and hands. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the educational needs of international students. Its aim is to encourage students to take action and become life-long learners in order to make the world a better and more peaceful place. Moreover, students have engaged actively in their learning process through projects, events and activities that connect education with real life.



Our mission is to deliver a high quality education within a student involved and centered environment where students can explore their own potential.

Our Aims

  • Maintain a school culture of excellence in teaching, innovation and self-improvement

  • Maintain a supportive, healthy and secure environment for teaching and learning

  • Deliver a balanced and holistic international education program centered on the Canadian Program.

  • Deliver enriching co/extra-curricular opportunities for students.

  • Provide excellent facilities and resources.

  • Encourage students to engage through social, environmental and intercultural activities.

  • Engage parents, stakeholders, local and global community in the support of the school.


Kindness: Keystoners are kind, caring, and respectful to others and celebrate diversity.

Empathy: Keystoners try to understand, be aware, and sensitive to other beings’ feelings and thoughts.

Youthfulness: Keystoners exhibit motivation towards solving global challenges.

Scholar: Keystoners show commitment to achieving academic excellence and modern-world skills in an international environment.

Thoughtfulness: Keystoners exhibit social responsibility when interacting with others and the natural environment.

Open-minded: Keystoners are open to learning about new innovations and appreciating new experiences without prejudice.

Noteworthy: Keystoners realize their role in the global community and are dedicated to taking action.

Environmentalist: Keystoners seek to promote sustainability and strive to improve and protect the environment.



Throwing Caps

Outside the Classroom

Sharpening mind and body

Healthy food makes a healthy mind

Working together for the community

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