Our vision is to enlighten our students’ way to find their own key to be independent, active and reflective individuals surrounded by universal values.


Kindness: Students are kind, caring, and respectful to others and the environment.
Empathy: Keystoners try to understand, be aware and sensitive to other beings’ feelings and thoughts.
Youthfulness: Keystone Students have (no need for ‘a’) great and fresh energy to their approach to problem solving.

Scholar: Keystoners devote themselves to the pursuit in a wide variety of academics.

Thoughtfulness: Keystoners care about others as he/she cares for himself.
Open minded: Keystoners accept the new innovations, new ideas and new experiences without prejudice.
Nourishing: They believe in well-balanced, healthy diet.
Environmentalist: They seek to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment through changing harmful human activity.


Our mission is to deliver a high quality education within a student involved and centered environment where students can explore their own potential.

Our Aims

  • Maintain a school culture of excellence in teaching, innovation and self-improvement
  • Maintain a supportive, healthy and secure environment for teaching and learning
  • Deliver a balanced and holistic international education program centered on the Canadian Program.
  • Deliver enriching co/extra-curricular opportunities for students.
  • Provide excellent facilities and resources.
  • Encourage students to engage through social, environmental and intercultural activities.
  • Engage parents, stakeholders, local and global community in the support of the school.