University Counselor

During the individual counseling which starts in grade 10, the primary role is to guide our students through the entire university admission process, from satisfying university requirements to completing a university application. This includes writing recommendation letters and contacting university admission officers to provide as much detailed information about the university that they are considering to enter. As it is so important that they are not only successful academically but also happy to be studying there. As the requirements differ from country to country, such skills as how to write a motivational letter, to writing a CV are also taught during these sessions.

Despite being a young school we have already hosted some of the most prestigious universities from Canada and Turkey with visits from McGill University, University of British Columbia, Koc University, Sabanci University. As we continue to grow and send our students too many different corners of this earth, we are sure to attract an even wider range of universities who wish to visit our campus.

We are aware at Keystone that to enter the top tier universities, one has to develop test-taking skills and strategies at the very start of high school. Therefore PSAT lessons are given in grade 9 and from Grade 10 onwards SAT and IELTS lessons are taught to all students. Alongside these lessons, as part of our curriculum, all students have to attend a certain number of hours of community service which is immensely important for the student to gain a sense of the real working world. It is also one of the areas where Keystone differs from other schools. Furthermore, as the top universities search for the well-rounded student, community service is paramount in the application and admittance process.

Our high school counselors also monitor students’ career development by giving individual and group guidance to the students and by identifying their aptitudes, interests, abilities, and personality. Giving information about occupations/ professions is also implemented under the umbrella of career guidance.

Assemblies and presentations about a variety of subjects are held by the counselors or guest speakers.

The post-high school planning process, led by the guidance counselor, empowers each student to assess their own interests and capabilities and to think independently about the direction of their life after high school. Upon arrival at Keystone, the student is given a career assessment and an education plan is made and this plan is re-visited on an ongoing basis. Administration, teachers, and guidance counselors, along with family and faculty, provide resources and a supportive environment, which encourages each student to make the best possible choice for their lives after graduation. The inspiring aspect of youth is that life is full of opportunity.

What was one’s strong passion and direction in grade 9 may change throughout high school. Not every student has a clear understanding of what they want to pursue after graduation.

We encourage our students to find their passion and we work with them every step of the way to help them define and achieve their goals.

Your University Counselor:

  • Stays on top of class selection and graduation requirements
  • Arranges university visits, both at school and offsite
  • Notifies students of the university and educational fairs
  • Prepares students for the SAT and IELTS exams
  • Gets letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Completes the counselor letter of recommendation
  • Sends official transcripts to colleges
  • Assists students in searching for colleges and drafting the college list
  • Finds and applies for local scholarships
  • Completes and sends your applications