Summer School

Our summer school program inspires challenges and excites students as they discover new talents or build on existing ones. We offer a wide variety of fun activities for our students to enjoy the all-day English program. It gives students time to immerse themselves in the magic of learning through play, allowing them to make new friends, engage with their teachers, and explore their world.

Young children learn best in a fun environment that piques their curiosity. Keystone International Preschool summer camp combines guided play and exploratory learning with extended garden time, and on-campus adventures for a dynamic summer learning experience. Our program encourages problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, develops vocabulary and oral language, and helps build independence and social skills. Young learners refine their fine motor skills through activities like painting and making paper crafts indoors as well as outdoors. They build gross motor skills through sports, creative movement, and outdoor play with water. Each week (with the help of different themes and academic programs) of camp is unique, keeping camp fresh all summer long. All curriculum areas can be supported by outdoor learning and we are lucky that our school grounds provide a variety of environments with the space and freedom for a type of learning that cannot be replicated indoors.



Playing outdoors, riding bikes and enjoying being a child.

Washing our toys with sudsy water.

Drifting off into our dreams. We all have a bit of Huckleberry Finns and Tom Sawyers in our souls.

Getting all soapy while mushing up shaving cream.

Engaging in sensory play with our friends in beautiful weather.

Mentoring those that are younger by lending a helping hand.

In and out, up and down… being active is health and fun.

Experimenting in the sensory corner during class times.

Exhibiting our artistic energy outdoors and and creating art together.