Primary School Trips

In KIS, during the year, in order to spend the school days more effectively, we organize field trips based on analysis and observation. The field trips are part of the school curriculum, besides having fun, the main focus of these trips are on learning. Field trips are embedded in the curriculum, where students have new and different learning experiences which in order motivates them to learn throughout their lives, increases their interests and motivation, focuses on the changes in their comfort zones, supports students’ interactions and gets them to enjoy the places they have visited.

We discovered the secrets of space by spending 3 days and 3 nights in the Izmir Space camp.

Our students learn at an early age to appreciate nature and as a school we spend a lot of time enjoying our surroundings.

Our yearly trip to Paris, France where students are able to be immersed in the French culture and language for a week.

Second grade students are at Koç Museum. This is one of the curriculum based daily field trips to the Museums around Istanbul.

First Graders having a field trip to the Toy Museum. Students here had the chance to experience the toys from different eras.

Students have journeys to the Netherlands and several European countries. These trips are parallel to our curriculum and support experience-based learning.