PTO ( Parent Teacher Organization )

The PTO is a bridge between parents and the school administration, contributing to the development of our school’s education and sports development policies, striving for the planning and solidarity of social and cultural activities, and its duties and working principles are regulated by regulation. The PTO works in accordance with the philosophy, mission and vision of our school. The PTO Management and Supervisory Boards are appointed by an election held at the beginning of each academic year. The Board of Directors and the Audit Committee consists of full and alternate members. It puts into practice the action plan prepared for that year, which includes suggestions and wishes. At the end of each activity year, the activity report is prepared and the activities are summarized.

Every year, it’s decided to create a social responsibility project. The PTO develops the idea and decides how to provide funds for these projects. Homemade snacks made by parents, students and teachers. Snacks are sold by our students for fundraising.

Keystone International Schools Objectives & Work Areas Of School Family Union

To cooperate with the school management, teachers, parents and families in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the school, quality and success in education.

  • In order to increase students’ success, contributes in organizing various training activities.
  • In cooperation with the school management, to provide financial and moral support to students who are unable to contribute to the school.
  • To cooperate with education and training institutions and non-governmental organizations.
  • Created to improve education and training to contribute to working commissions.
  • To contribute to the project objectives and school’s participation in national and international projects.
  • Cooperation with the School Administration and Guidance Unit by inviting experts on various subjects, to organize conferences.
  • To organize traditional school activities in order to ensure the social connection among parents, students and teachers.
  • To contribute to social service activities,
  • To contribute to the Traditional Winterfest and Summerfest Celebrations.

The PTO hosted Pınar Kaftancıoğlu at Keystone International for a talk. She shared her invaluable information with us concerning her trip in Mexico.Pınar Kaftancıoğlu is the owner of İpek Hanım’ın Çiftliği, the Organic food supplier which Keystone International uses for all school meals.

The income from our bakesales is transferred to the Social Responsibility Project with PTO’s support and control. Involving a different Project every single year is a great experience for the students to learn to cooperate and help those in need.

The Winterfest is an important date in the schools calendar. The day is packed full of engaging activities like music, sport and arts and crafts. Along with these events the PTO’s bakesale helps raise funds for the current Social Responsibility Project and provides a fun atmosphere for all involved.