Each day, we give our students the chance to explore the outside world, getting dirty and expressing individual skills are essential. Creating a stimulating and caring learning environment that enables children to discover, express their creativity, explore and extend their present knowledge is our primary objective.

KIS Preschool was created in order to expose children to different languages from a young age. According to recent research, a child between the ages of 2-6 has the capacity to learn six different languages without any confusion. Through language immersion, Keystone preschoolers learn the targeted language by using it in every aspect of the day.

Children are surrounded by the language during playtime, lunchtime as well as class time. In many countries, children are born into multilingual environments and as these children grow and develop so do their language skills. Early bilingualism and language acquisition allows children to use both the left and right sides of the brain, which advances general conceptual and analytical skills. The best gift a parent can give a child is the chance to learn a foreign language from a young age. In our experience, we have seen how children can easily acquire new languages almost sub-consciously; they naturally speak the new language as if it were their first language.

KIS preschool provides a warm and homelike environment for preschool children’s first steps into school. This gentle transition is a wonderful journey guided with tenderness and devotion by our teachers. Our rich play-based program nourishes the magic of childhood by allowing children to explore the world through all their sense, stimulating their creativity through free play and storytelling, and developing both their motor skills and sense of confidence.