It is our hope that while eating healthy foods, students at Keystone International School will also learn about their role in agriculture, the local community and the global environment. We pay great attention to ‘how’ and ‘where’ our ingredients are produced. Keystone’s diet is composed of only all natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are sustainability produced on local farms. Foods free from pesticides, additives, preservatives, antibiotics and hormones are essential to children’s health. They also promote the viability of family farms and a green planet.

Food diversity is very important to the Keystone diet, which is why children will experience a wide variety of traditional Turkish as well as international food offerings. By only serving ‘seasonally appropriate’ foods, we can abide by our philosophy of being in-sync with the natural growing cycle. All meals are accompanied by some type of salad or yogurt; also, we primarily use whole grains such as bulgur rice.

Finally, for us, mealtimes are not just about eating; they are also a bonding experience for teachers and students. At all of our meals you can expect to find students fortifying their bodies as well as souls. Since, children are attracted to colors, we think the best way to decorate a plate and get a conversation started is with a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables. Talking about food also helps students to understand where their daily sustenance comes from.