Middle School Trips

We enjoyed being in Giessen, Germany and visiting Mathematikum.

Learning is not only done at school.

International Trips

Keeping in mind the educational needs and learning outcome requirements of students, our school organizes a wide variety of subject-specific school trips. From experiencing the multicultural atmosphere of Toronto or French language immersion in Paris to exploring the endless possibilities of math and science in Edinburgh, our students are presented with the opportunity to expand their horizons. All of our school trips aim to educate students with a hands-on approach and imprint experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Toronto, Canada

Our middle and high school students get the opportunity to visit our Keystone Toronto Campus annually. Here, students mingle with their peers in Toronto and experience cultural and sporting events.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Every year, Keystone students have the opportunity to take part in the Edinburgh Science Festival in Scotland. Featuring hundreds of science and innovation-based exhibitions, this prestigious event invites many leading educational institutions and schools from around the globe.

Giessen, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Germany / Netherlands field trip enables our students to put the ideas and concepts learnt in the classroom into practice. Here, students are given the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments in the Mathematics and Science Museum. The Mathematikum in Giessen and the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam support emotional experiences behind the concepts of mathematics and science rather than using mathematics, symbols, equations or formulas. They engage students and enable them to connect their experiences in school while having an argument about various topics.

We loved learning different cultures whilst continuing our education in Toronto for two weeks.

Learning is always fun and a classroom has no walls.

We were able to experience what it is like to walk on the moon by simply traveling to Izmir, Turkey.

Domestic Trips

In an effort to spend educational and school days more effectively and give the most to our students, we organize field trips based on analysis and observation. All of our trips fit in with and support our curriculum. While visiting local attractions, the initial goal is to increase the interest and motivation of our students by providing them with a wide array of learning experiences. Our aim is to scaffold student learning by exposing them to educational outlets outside of the classroom. The Istanbul Science Museum and Koç Museum are some examples of these outlets. These trips broaden the perspectives of our students and ensure that learning is not local and isn’t confined to within the borders of our school.

Field trips are more than learning experiences, they are essential to building friendships and team spirit that are carried back to the classroom.