Middle School Spirit Days

In Middle School, School Spirit Days allow our students to express their individuality and creativity. These special days evolve into helping students foster a sense of belonging and being a part of the school. Evidence suggests that this can serve as a powerful influence on overall academic performance. A strong sense of school spirit makes students feel more invested in Keystone International, which in turn makes them happier and motivates them to work harder and help each other out.

Even behind the masks, celebrations of different cultures bring us closer to each other.

In November, we have our Halloween Spirit Day. Early in the day, students show their costumes to friends in a parade.

Month Spirit Day
October Halloween
November Crazy Hair Day
December Fancy Dress Day
January Movie Character Day
February International Love Day
March Dress Blue to Save Water Day
April International Sports Day
May Sports Day
June Water Fight Day

Creativity and confidence are two important elements of success in our school.

A scene from Crazy Hair Day, our November School Spirit Day. Students are free to create any crazy design on their hair.