Middle School Online Education

With the decision taken by the Ministry of Education on Friday, March 13, 2020, all schools were closed in our country and it was decided to continue education and training from home. As soon as the school break due to the Covid-19 outbreak was announced, we planned our online education schedule by meeting and working with our teaching coordinators and department heads. Keystone was well prepared for this transition, having delivered online programs over the last year from our Keystone Toronto High School. Keystone’s teaching philosophy of facilitating rather than teaching, guiding rather than lecturing and mentoring rather than instructing, finds solid ground in the online environment.

We have created a gradually increasing curriculum for our Middle School students. The first three days of our classes started with 20-minute lessons in order for our students to get accustomed to the platform. In our Grades 5-8, online education was quickly expanded to 4 classes per day, with Math, Science, French, and ELA taught by their subject teachers. The program has since been broadened with the addition of online IT, guidance, and physical education classes. Students keep up with music and art through thematic educational videos created by their own teachers. The school’s guidance service can communicate with the student online as needed to offer support.

Students from Grade 5 are learning about Ancient Rome and its emperors with a fun rap song and answering questions about “Pax Romana”

Grade 7 students are sorting out a mixed-up paragraph related to the novel they are reading, working both on reading comprehension and paragraph writing skills.

Grade 6 students are discussing infrastructure in their Social Studies Lesson. They are expressing ideas about how to distribute purchasing power equally.