Middle School Nutrition

As a school, we emphasize the importance of healthy nutrition in order to influence and enhance the eating habits of our students who are at the age of growth and development.

In Middle School, our students continue to take the responsibility to prepare their own healthy snacks at home and bring them to school.

In our school we deliberately do not have a canteen, and we do not allow students to bring and eat packaged foods inside our school. We provide different choices for our parents as to seasonal healthy food or snacks that they can prepare at home. In our meals, we do not use ketchup, mayonnaise, packaged dressing, chicken, chicken stock, packaged meat stock, corn, or frozen and canned foods. We use olive oil and butter. Since we do not use unhealthy ingredients in our meals at school, it makes the lives of parents who follow healthy diets at home easier.

We are happy to see the change in eating habits for students who used to eat unhealthy meals at home, switching to eating healthily.

At Keystone Schools, the lunch is served colorfully and joyfully; even the youngest students tidy up their plates and cups from the table by themselves. This way, they get to socialize and learn how to eat properly.