Student Exchange

We believe that exposing children to different cultures, learning environments, and languages is an essential part of their education. The more children learn about the world around them, the more responsible, respectful and socially aware they will be. The connections and experiences made during international education experiences last a lifetime. International visits are not only educational for students but they are also a great way for teachers to broaden their horizons.

The benefits of an international exchange project are vast. There are many academic but even more social and experiential positives. Students and staff gain insights and an understanding of new cultures, learn how to communicate and learn from and with others who don't have English as their first language.

International Exchange programs serve as professional development for teachers. These programs help teachers reflect on their own approach and practices and remove the lid that can confine enthusiastic educators. By going abroad and observing other teachers in their own environment teachers develop not just professionally but also as a person.