Student Council




The student council, made up of students elected by their peers in primary, middle and high school, functions as an interface between school management, staff, parents and students.

A student council has a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Other students participate as a steering committee, making recommendations and carrying out the decisions of the council. The president participates in meetings with the school administration and conducts council meetings. 

Student Council elections take place during the election week, when each class chooses their own class representatives via democratic elections within the class. Class representatives then have the chance to be elected as members of  the student council.

The purpose of a student council at any level is to develop leadership. By involving the council in all school functions beyond the scope of their classrooms, students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents while learning life-long skills. Through student council, student leaders can pursue personal and collective interests by organizing community outreach programs, school-wide events, and motivating their peers.