Spirit Days

School sprit looks like teamwork. It involves events and activities that bring members of the school community together in some way. Spirit weeks are weeks where various themed activities happen around school, usually meant to hype up school spirit, or to bring awareness to a specific event or cause. School Spirit Days strengthen a feeling of self-confidence and acknowledgment for students. These mindsets are necessary in forming a positive learning environment for children. In addition to its positive impact on morale and performance, it celebrates successes and creates a sense of togetherness. School spirit helps make the school environment more joyful.

Dressing up as a wicked witch on Halloween 🎃

Our Spirit Day in June is so much fun. Our students enjoy getting wet. Everyone is so happy.

Month Spirit Day
October Halloween
November Crazy Hair Day
December Fancy Dress Day
January Movie Character Day
February International Love Day
March Dress Blue to Save Water Day
April International Sports Day
May Sports Day
June Water Fight Day

Dressing up as your favourite story character

We enjoy being a child during our fun days at school.

Girls love to dress up as witches on Halloween 🎃

When the weather warms up we have fun water events

Students come to school wearing costumes of their favourite spots team. They share their enthusiasm with their teachers and friends throughout the day.

We even have special events lined up for our parents .

Tug of war is a favourite outdoor event in our spacious school yards.