Kindergarten Nutrition

We care about contributing to the development of our kindergarten students, who take the first step into the school life, to the most important period of their lives, with delicious menus they will love during this period and adopt healthy nutrition without getting bored. The cuisine of KIS is very special; our aim is to raise healthy eating habits of children and to ensure that our children grow up as individuals who make the right choices in the future while making their own decisions. For this reason, we offer our children delicious vegetable dishes made of seasonal foods, which requires dedication and extra time in the kitchen to extract and cook fresh meals on a daily basis.

While our salads are enriched with tomatoes and cucumbers in summer so that our students love their meals and adopt a healthy diet, they also consume seasonal vegetables: cabbage, carrot, radish, beet, etc. in winter. While cooking our meals with cabbage, chard, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. in winter, we consume green beans, zucchini, peas, peppers, red beans and purslane in summer.

Lunch time is always happy time when our children eat tasty and nutritious meals.

Our snacks are the most enjoyable time of healthy nutrition.

We grow by eating healthy.

We socialise and eat healthy at the same time.