The Kindergarten class is geared toward children who are 5 and will be turning 6 within the calendar year. This class is a preparation class for KIS Primary and therefore, the focus is primarily on learning to read and write in English. In our kindergarten program, students learn through play, purposeful work, storytelling and puppet shows, and practical and artistic activities. The kindergarten program is similar to a plant: during the year in kindergarten, the seeds are planted and nourished; in the first year of primary school, the plant fully blooms and flourishes.

The rewards of the play-based entry to school become visible when students enter first grade and begin the academic journey through the grades. The students now have the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic readiness to explore the worlds of letters, numbers, writing, reading, and arithmetic.

Through joyful engagement in kindergarten, our students develop lifelong capacities for creative thinking, healthy foundational senses, a self-confidence and awareness of others, and readiness and enthusiasm for academic learning.