The great change in our world due to Covid 19 has rapidly brought us to innovations and transformations in the field of education, as in every field. According to the research results of all scientists, the 0-6 age range is the most valuable and productive time of human beings. The earliest age recommended to acquire different languages is 2-6.

Since the day our school was opened, it is an institution that has made it a mission to teach English to children at an early age with a native language approach. We would like to share with you that we have been working on projects that we believe will be beneficial for the education of children in order to continue our success in online education, which we started unexpectedly last March, this year. In this period when the learning speed and adaptation skills of children are very high, an online education program has been prepared for parents who want to take a break from face-to-face education this year or this semester during the pandemic process, together with our teachers, with devotion to improving students’ English levels, cognitive capacity and knowledge.

Details about this program are as follows, Keystone International Kindergarten @home;

  • Our education program has been created for 4 and 5-year-old students.
  • There is a native teacher in each classroom.
  • Maximum 12 students make up a group.
  • The education program is the same as the general lines of the curriculum applied by our school.
  • Lesson hours are planned as 12 hours a week.

More details please call us 0 216- 370 49 21 and 0216 355 40 40.