Kindergarten Guidance

Psychological counseling and guidance services in our school is being carried out by our counselors so that students can get to know themselves better, discover their features, solve their problems, to make realistic decisions, improve their abilities and skills, adjust themselves and their environment in a healthy way and help them to develop academically at the highest level. The individual characteristics of our students and the recognition and development of these characteristics are very important.

The following activities are carried out by our Psychological Councelors:

  • Conducting parent meetings to know more about the students and their families’ structure
  • Giving feedback to the parents about their child.
  • Having observations and individual meetings to get to know students.
  • Planning and maintaining the orientation process to facilitate students’ adaptation to school.
  • Supporting students “the social and emotional development” with classroom activities.
  • Giving consultancy service for the teachers and the administrators.

Preschool period develops the child’s sense of belonging to a place other than his home and family for the first time; taking roles other than being the little child of their parents (such as friends, students); it is the period when s/he communicates with individuals other than family members. In this developmentally important period, it is very important to support the child in social and emotional processes such as adaptation, self-knowledge, awareness of feelings and communication. Our psychological counselors monitor the development processes of our students, create records regarding these processes. In the guidance and counseling services, the student and his/her needs are in the center. While supporting him/her, counselors cooperate with the administrators, teachers, parents and the other staff members if it’s necessary.