Grades 1-4

The KIS education system is based on a globally recognised international program (Ontario, Canada) that respects the intrinsic value of the individual and centers on the development of each child. As a school, we recognize that education is a responsibility shared among the school, the family, and the community. The goals of our education are to enable our students to: 

• develop an appreciation for learning, an intellectual curiosity, and a desire for lifelong learning;

• develop the ability to think critically, apply knowledge, and make informed decisions;

• acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend and express ideas through the use of words, numbers, and other symbols;

• develop an understanding of the natural world, and of the applications of science and technology in society;

• acquire knowledge about the past and an orientation to the future;

• develop an appreciation for their heritage, and a respect for the culture and traditions of others;

• develop a sense of self-worth;

• develop a respect for community values, a sense of personal values, and a responsibility for their actions;

• develop a sense of pride and respect of their community and country;

• develop a sense of stewardship for the environment;

• develop creative skills, including those in the arts, and an appreciation of creativity in others;

• develop skills and attitudes related to the workplace;

• develop good mental and physical health and the ability to creatively use leisure time;

• develop an understanding of gender equity issues and of the need to provide equal opportunities for all;

• develop an understanding of fundamental human rights and an appreciation for the worth of all individuals.