Grades 9 - 12

Keystone International High School students in Istanbul are able to graduate with a dual high school diploma: Keystone International High School Diploma, approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and an Ontario High School Diploma. Throughout the four years in high school, students accumulate credits with our sister school in Toronto. 

Up to Grade 12, we offer a broad programme that caters to the varied interests and skills of our students. Students all take core courses in Mathematics, English, French, History, Geography, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as applied courses. 

At the end of Grade 11, students decide on the track that suits their career plans best and specialise more in their last year. 

High school students are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to choose and apply for universities through college counselling and preparation for international standardised exams, such as IELTS and SAT.