İstanbul - Keystone High School Spirit Days

In High School, School Spirit Days are an important component in leading to a strong emotional connection with Keystone International. These special days evolve into helping students foster a sense of belonging within their peer group, and the wider school environment. These special days are a regular occurrence each month during the school calendar. As high school students engage with these days, they not only form an emotional connection with their environment but they also become ambassadors for the schools. As role models on these days they engender a strong sense of collective community throughout the school environment as all ages interact and share in the positive message of these days.

At Keystone international, we see the importance of allowing each and every student to express individuality and creativity. This freedom that Spirit days allows enables individuals to shape the feeling and atmosphere of the school as the students are exposed to each other’s interests and cultural backgrounds. This allows for an exchange of ideas and student led learning beyond the classroom.

School spirit creates a positive learning environment. And having a positive learning environment is one of the many things that make going to Keystone so exciting.

We aim towards developing a growth mindset within students so that they will constantly be curious and take a lead in their own learning. We believe these spirit days allow the students to see beyond learning in terms of just academic demands and rather that there are constant opportunities to develop and grow as well rounded individuals.