Founder of Istanbul, Keystone International & Kilittaşı Schools

Having been in the education world since 1991 seems like a coincidence, I believe it is the reason for my being in this world. I was working in the early year’s sector between 1991 and 2013, my biggest dream was for the students who have graduated from our school and moved onto other schools to remember us as a special place and to be able to have a smile on their face. Since 2013, I am involved in the lives of children from 3-18 and have the same feeling for them as well. I am aware of the responsibilities we have towards the changing system of the new world that is entering the information age. Information can be reached easily nowadays, however we should provide the children with lifetime techniques rather than just knowledge. We should train an individual to be satisfied with oneself, find the secret of a simple life, with a minimalist living philosophy so as not to ask for more than what you have and to be flexible and creative.

The concept of our education model has been molded with my living philosophy. As a result, our school focuses on the idea of training individuals to learn multiple languages, have a healthy diet, and have each of them become kind, happy, flexible and respectful human beings.

Sema Kızılkaya

Founder of Toronto, Keystone International Schools

I was 4 years old and don’t remember clearly when my mom, Sema Kızılkaya opened a preschool in my name in 1991 in the Çiftehavuzlar area. Hence I can say that I was born within the education life. With the support of my dad in 2000 when I was 13 years old, I went to Montreal, Canada by myself to study. When I arrived, I didn’t speak a word of English, after 3 months when my mom came to visit me, she couldn’t believe the speedy pace of my English learning. I finished high school in Canada; afterwards I decided to complete my University degree in Switzerland. This was a very different experience for me. While studying in Switzerland I also found the opportunity to do an internship. I completed my last 6 months of my University education in Shanghai and then found an opportunity to do an internship there.

After completing my school life, I had the opportunity to live in many countries, but I felt like my soul belonged to Canada; therefore I returned back to Montreal. My first professional work experience was in Scotia Bank, Montreal. At the end of my 4th year at the bank, I decided to return back to school again and applied to the MBA program at McGill University.

While studying in this program, I traveled to Israel and Japan as an exchange student and had the opportunity to work in a startup company. My mom called me to Istanbul after completing my degree and wanted me to support her with Keystone and Kilittaşı Schools.

After graduating, and many years, I moved back to Istanbul. Even with my mom, we had many long working hours from 8 am-9 pm, I realized how much I loved working in the education sector and decided that I can spend my whole life in this sector. However my desire was for Toronto, Canada. With the support and experience of my mom, we have opened our Keystone International Schools in Toronto. The passion for working in the education sector is to know that every day will be a new day with new experiences and to understand that the next day will be a different day again. This is what makes me motivated and excited all the time. It makes me happy to share my education experience and student life with other students in our school and to be able to touch their lives and shape their future together.

Doa Demirsu Doran


Keystone International Schools

Keystone International Schools has been established for the expat families who live in Istanbul. The main language is English, we follow the Canadian curriculum which includes French as a second language for the 3-17 year age group. We have a very strong teaching faculty which consists of native teachers along with Turkish teachers who are native like and come from different countries. The Canadian program we follow is among the top 3 programs in the world. That is why our students are taught by a learning model which is appropriate for the information age and by a lifetime lasting learning system.


Kilittaşı Schools

Kilittaşı Schools was established under Keystone International Schools in 2013 for students who are Turkish and hold dual citizenship. Our Keystone International Schools accept only students who are not Turkish citizens. Kilittaşı Schools was opened for Turkish students who can benefit from the international education curriculum, and give them the opportunity to learn English in a natural environment. They get a chance to grow in the school environment where they have a vision living in a relaxed and minimalist life. The Dual program which consists of English/Turkish language, provides them with flexible thinking skills which is a very important skill in every step of life. While following the Ministry of Education curriculum with the Turkish teacher at the start of the day, students finish their day with the native teacher following the Ontario curriculum. On the same day, students get a chance to experience 2 different cultures, countries and point of view…


Toronto Keystone International High School

Our Toronto Keystone High School was established in 2017 in the heart of Canada’s financial city, in central Toronto. We provide education to International students along with Canadian students from grades 9-12. Following the Ontario State calendar, the concept of Keystone Toronto is to provide students, flexible, subject centered and project based education. Based on student’s ability and success, it provides a private academic program for each individual. With the support of our academic coordinators and social activities they, students who graduate from our school with the Ontario High School diploma can have the opportunity to be placed in an appropriate University with a variety of career options in the future.


Keystone Online High School

Our grade 9 students in Istanbul Keystone International Schools joined the online program which is coordinated by our Toronto Keystone High School. Starting from grade 9, students get a chance to graduate with both a Turkish Ministry of Education and Ontario diploma. Students of Istanbul Keystone are taking the online program during school time with their teachers. In summary, the online school program has been integrated into our in the daily school program without putting an extra burden on the students’ shoulders. Students who graduate with a dual diploma, if they desire, can apply to Canadian Universities without going to Canada in the same way any Canadian students applies. Students who wish to study in different countries rather than Canada, will have an advantage in their application process having 2 valued diplomas.