High School Trips

We visit Toronto annually and spend a great time there

We met with students from more than 150 different schools and shared great experiences based on Round Square IDEALS in Indore, India.

International Trips

Our wide variety of subject-specific school trips are created with educational needs and learning outcome requirements in mind. Whether it’s cultural insight to daily life in Toronto, immersion in French language in Paris, the study of math and sciences in Edinburgh, students have many opportunities to expand their horizons. All of our school trips are created to ensure that our students learn as much as possible while creating life-long memories.

Toronto, Canada

Every year, our middle and highschool students visit our Keystone Toronto Campus to join classes with their Canadian classmates and experience the various cultural and sporting events in Toronto.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Science Festival is an event which prestigious schools all around the global attend. Each year Keystone students have the opportunity to take part in this event featuring hundreds of exhibitions all based around science and innovation.

Indore, India

We attend the Round Square International Conference every year, these events are held in different locations around the world annually.The last one took place in India where our students collaborate on projects based on Round Square IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service) with students from more than 150 countries.

Munich, Germany

The Amsterdam field trip was a very effective experience in terms of education, observation and exploration.

The ideas taught in the classroom were actually conducted hands on by the students in the Mathematics and Science Museum. Instead of using mathematics, symbols, equations or formulas in an argument, the Mathematikum and Nemo Science Museum, supports the emotional experiences behind the concept of mathematics and science. It was very engaging to see the students connect their experiences in school while having an argument about various topics.

We enjoyed hands-on activities at Mathematikum, Germany.

We enjoyed exploring Toronto as well as contuniung our education at Keystone International High School Toronto!

We loved being in Amsterdam and visiting Nemo Science Museum as well as the cultural places.

Domestic Trips

During the year, in order to spend the educational and school days more effectively for our high school students, we organize field trips based on analysis and observation. All the field trips are part of the school curriculum. Our initial goal is to provide students the opportunity to have new and different learning experiences while visiting local attractions which increases their interest and motivation. We are aiming to give an opportunity for students to experience what they have learned during their school year by visiting places such as Bogazici University Kandilli Observaty, Ara Guler Photograpy Museum, Topkapı Palace.

The purpose of the field trips is to support our students’ socialization process and get them to enjoy the places they have visited.