High School Online Education

With the decision taken by the Ministry of Education on Friday, March 13, 2020, all schools were closed in our country and it was decided to continue education and training from home. As soon as the school break was announced due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we planned our online education schedule by meeting and working with our teaching coordinators and department heads. Keystone was uniquely well positioned for this transition, having delivered online programs for over the last year from our Keystone Toronto High School. We have created a gradually increasing curriculum for our High School students. The first three days of our classes started with a reduced schedule in order for our students to get more accustomed to working from their home environment. During this week, students were trained to use the various online tools our teachers use. Our 9th thru 11th grades continued with their math and ELA lessons online from Canada without interruption during this time. Our 12th grade class focused on their two tracks of Social Sciences and Math/Science concentrations, since classes were being delivered online from Toronto Keystone, there was no interruption to lesson or assignments. The weeks that followed the program was enriched with more lessons per subject in order to ensure that there was support for achieving learning objectives.

Meanwhile the school’s counselling service made sure that students and their families were not left alone. Responding to the social responsibility to the wider community, and in an effort to lessen the effect of social distancing, our counsellors organize weekly webinars for the whole family, design activities and challenges for students and participate in online synchronous meetings with students.

Grade 10 students are discussing what caused European imperial powers to take an interest in colonizing Africa in their World History and Geography Lesson.

Students from Grade 9 are comparing an original text with it’s modern version in ELA Lesson. While learning about literature, they also act out the characters mentioned in the text.