Teachers' View

"I lead a very busy life at Keystone school and I love being the Busy Bee in our safe, loving and nurturing environment. Buzzing between various academic commitments, community work projects,  my school motivates me to challenge myself in every way I can, while making time for endless laughter and fun in the classroom. My kids especially look forward to our next PBL project and always want to show their skills when presenting to the class. We've always got things to look forward to!  Every month we have our own special Spirit Day and even I look forward to dressing up and being silly with the children. I especially loved our talent show this year and was so surprised to see the turnout and the students' confidence on stage. As the oldest teacher here at Keystone, I value my school for encouraging me to be me and to give of my very best in every situation.  I look forward to getting up on a Monday morning and seeing all the students' smiling faces ready for the next new project! How lucky am I!"

     -  Debbie Yazıcı - 1st grade teacher

"I came to Turkey three years ago and started a new life full of new challenges, exciting experiences, and a brand new job at Keystone International Schools. Here I met many wonderful people who made my transition into a new culture and lifestyle much smoother.

Life is full of change and I am at a point where I must make yet another change in my life. Unfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with the Keystone Family and follow a new direction in my career. I say family because being part of Keystone was truly like being a member of a caring and compassionate family. I want to take a moment to extend my gratitude to everyone who has touched my life in some special way in the past three years.

My dearest colleagues, thank you for always being so welcoming, caring, supportive and, most importantly, being a friend. Thank you to my principals, vice-principals, and the admin team for your visionary leadership, continuous support and insight. Thank you to all of my beloved parents for your kindheartedness, down-to-earth approach, and your pleasant smiles. Last but definitely not least, I would like to send out a gigantic thank you to my delightful students. I have learned just as much from you as you have from me. We have bonded in ways words cannot express. You are all magical, unique individuals full of innocence and love and you have filled my heart with that love. I will forever remember each and every single one of you and even though I will not be at Keystone anymore, I will always be your teacher and friend and will be there for you.

It has been a tremendous three years for me at Keystone, full of unforgettable memories. Although it is extremely difficult for me to say goodbye, I know deep down that we will always share a special connection and Keystone was, is and will always be my "ilk göz ağrım".

Farewell Keystone Family."

     -  Mr. Hamza Turan (Mr. T) - Arts Teacher

"Dearest Keystone students, parents, colleagues and administration,

This year, I had to make a tough decision for my future and I am writing to let you know that this summer I will be moving to England, and therefore will not be returning to Keystone for the next school year.

It is a bittersweet departure, as I am excited to embark on this new chapter of my life, but will greatly miss everyone in the Keystone family.

I started working at Keystone Camlica four years ago with a hard-working team who always wanted to give the best education to students. I have seen so much growth since my first year for both the school environment and myself. My experience has made me proud to be part of something special and memorable.

It has been an honor to get to know every one of you, from my caring colleagues to the wonderful parents and the amazing children, over the past years at Keystone.  I am forever grateful for all of your kindness and support throughout our time together.

I'm leaving with fond memories of friendly tournaments, "Olympic" events, field trips, water fights, but most importantly, watching each student learn and grow into individuals who embody our school values. Their smart, kind, funny and positive personalities made my days so much more enjoyable by seeing them actively participate in the activities and it is for that reason that my decision was not easy to make.

I wish you all the very best and hope that our paths will cross in the future.


     -  Ms. Asu - PE Teacher