It was full of colors

I t w a s  f u l l  o f  c o l o r s

It was the first day of school. I really didn't know what to expect, new school, new teachers, new friends... At first, I was really afraid, so I was holding on tightly to my parents’ hands. As we entered the school grounds, I saw many kids running around and playing, But the most noticeable part was that they were all smiling. Right then, I saw my teacher, talking to some new students. Then, she came up to me and my parents. She first greeted them, and when she bent down to talk to me I saw that she was as nervous and excited as I was, which made me feel a lot better. As our conversation ended, I realized that it was time. I turned to my parents. A couple goodbyes, a kiss and a hug, a memory photo.

All teachers called their students to them, and I saw my classmates that I would be spending the rest of the year with. We walked together to our classroom. It was full of colors, and the tables were set up in a way that al the students would face each other, instead of boring rows as I had expected from what I had come to know of usual schools. But this was not a ‘usual school', this was a different universe, apart from the world we have come to know. At least, that's what I felt like an eight year old girl... We were asked to sit down and introduce ourselves. I listened to everyone very carefully and tried to remember each of their names. I paid more attention to what everyone was saying, and I started to realize how different we all were from each other. There were kids from different countries, race and cultures. It was my turn. I anxiously looked at all the expectant faces and introduced myself, I thought in my head 'This is just the beginning'.

Now, I am in eighth grade, looking back, that day changed my life. My theachers who are native speakers helped me come to feel English as if it is my mother tongue. They helped my dream of becoming a writer come true. I passed the SCAT exam with Johns Hopkins University CTY and went to America. I wrote my first novel book there, and I want to write more in the years to come. I want to touch my readers' hearts through my books. 

Manolya Yatman, grade 8, 09 April 2018