The security from these relationships enhances learning, confidence, and social and emotional skills, while ensuring that each child gets his or her individual needs fulfilled. The goals of elementary education are to encourage and support learners to develop the skills which will help them to be able to respond with critical awareness to various forms of the arts and be able to

express themselves through the arts;
access social, cultural, economic, and environmental interdependence in a local and global context;
use the listening, viewing, representing, speaking, reading, and writing modes of language, as well as mathematical and scientific concepts and symbols to think, learn, and communicate effectively; continue to learn and to pursue active, healthy lifestyles;
use the strategies and processes needed to solve a wide variety of problems, including those requiring language, mathematical, and scientific concepts;
use a variety of technologies, demonstrate an understanding of technological applications, and apply appropriate technologies for problem solving.

Students engage in group reading and discussion as well as learn about the world around them in Social Studies and Science. They work on group projects while enhancing their listening and speaking skills. Their mathematical skills are challenged with word problems, and they come to understand that Math is part of their everyday lives.

Throughout elementary school KIS students develop love for learning and gain confidence to face the new challenges awaiting them in Middle School.