Education Leaders

School Principal

My philosophy of education is simple and my path has not changed in my over 15 years of teaching and administrative experience. I believe all children can excel. The key is taking the learning to their level and building from that point. The trick is tapping into their strongest learning modality and not giving up until you find it. The challenge is making learning meaningful by forming connections to their lives and experiences. The joy is convincing them they are deserving of love and respect, and capable of achieving anything they believe they can achieve. The reward is being part of this wondrous process. My objective is to obtain the resources necessary to meet the needs of widely diverse students to be successful in a rapidly changing future. I pledge to empower teachers to make the best possible difference for every student, every day. We must work as a team with parents, students, teachers, staff, and the community to give our children the exemplary education necessary for success. Mr.Lewis

Istanbul KIS – Academic Vice Principal , Head of Math and Science Department Diploma Program Coordinator

As a teacher, I have the maximum tools for creativity to flourish in the world. Innovation and experimentation, exploring undiscovered lands by way of teaching methodologies give one a great sense of power which is almost magical.

Today after nearly 21 years in this profession, I am still excited to be shaping the next generation. Each day, I wake up with a song in my heart, each day I can be elevated to the higher levels of awareness because each day in school brings a set of new challenges and new situations to be tackled. Everyday becomes an usher of a new hopes and expectations, of possibilities unexpected, of experiences untold. Ms. Akaydın

University Counselor

My life has been a series of wonderful adventures, aspiring to better myself, attaining new goals and grasping that there is no road to happiness, instead, happiness is the road. After over 20 years in the education sector my role at Keystone is to help each and every student find their road. Through individual counselling, visits from foreign universities, to teaching the skills not only to pass the international exams (SAT, IELTS AP, ACT, TOEFL) but to excel in them; our aim is to enable the student to enter whichever university that they may desire.

The Overseas Counselling Department at Keystone strives to give each student the individual skills, strength and courage to be successful and happy in whatever path that they choose in this wonderful road called life. Mr.Haynes

Guidance Counseler

After having 11 years of experience in education I know that each individual has unique personalities, abilities, strenghts, learning styles and learning pace. First, being aware of these, I try to contribute to my students’ qualities and increase their awareness about themselves.

My main goal is to generate a new interpretation of experiences and to strengthen personel resourses in students so they become well adjusted individuals and contributing memebers of the world. To achieve my goals I adapt an eclectic approach full of various techniques and methods I learned from many programs .

As a counselor and a therapist, I use the tools of solution focused therapy and positive psychotherapy. I do not focus on pathology and problems, but I focus on possibilities and hope. Problems stem from the ways people cope with them, not the problems themselves.

I strongly believe everyone has the ability to change and we are in charge of our emotions.

it’s great If I am seen, I am heard, I am understood by my students.

The best gift of my profession is to be able to touch the lives of my students and their families. Ms.Kavalcı

Toronto KIS – Canada Diploma Program Coordinator, Head of Math and Science Department

Darlen holds two undergraduate degrees, one in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from York University, she imparts applicable knowledge and problem-solving techniques on her students in her mathematics classes. Her teaching experience includes topics like Differential Calculus, Numerical Mathematics, and Linear Algebra, as well as International Baccalaureate and advanced mathematics and physics from Grade 9 to 12. In addition, she holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting from Sheridan College. Ms. Navarro is currently pursuing her Master of Mathematics for Teachers through the CEMC at University of Waterloo. Ms. Navarro

ELA Teacher and Head of High School English Departmant

In our high school English programme, students take increasing responsibility for their study habits and learning. They continue to engage with literature and non-fiction critically and express themselves in presentations and writing. All these skills are important in social, educational and professional settings where our students will be communicating and working in English. Students are supported in their research for college/university and careers options, be that in Turkey or abroad and prepared for the necessary international standardized exams required. Ms. Grabolle Çeliker