Keystone International Schools offer a highly diversified environment where students represent 35 countries, many cultures and speak more than 25 languages. We employ teachers from all over the world.  Our diversity offers our students daily exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and insights. We provide students with a global perspective to give them an edge while representing their own culture to learn and understand other cultures. This environment encourages an internationally minded, caring, respectful and responsible mindset.

The true value of achieving a global perspective is learning that there are multiple ways to view a challenge and multiple ways to approach a solution. Developing the ability to see things from multiple perspectives is one of the building blocks to becoming a creative problem-solver.

Our educational approach is based on student-centred, inquiry based and interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Our main focus is develop learning skills while approaching knowledge and concepts. Some of the learning skills include: self-management, organizational thinking, problem solving, reflection, social communication, and interpersonal skills.

Our language of instruction and communication is English. Our teaching community fosters language development that allows our students to use English proficiently both in their everyday and academic life.