At Keystone, we instill in our students an intrinsic appreciation of life and a love of learning. It is our aim to provide children with the skills necessary to become responsible, environmentally and socially conscious, independent world citizens. We believe that education should open minds and cultivate human intelligence. Keystone's holistic approach to education fosters the capacity needed for a successful life full of purpose and joy. It ignites an intrinsic passion for learning and inspires responsibility for the self, the community, and the world.

At Keystone, children are encouraged to explore, inquire and wonder about themselves and the world around them. We are a school that addresses the heart and will as well as the mind of the child. This whole-child approach is the cornerstone of our vision, philosophy, curriculum, and environment.

We are proud to say that Keystone Students represent 36 countries and speak more than 25 languages and we employ teachers from all over the world.  Our diversity offers our students daily exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and insights. We aspire to provide students with a global perspective to give them an edge in understanding the challenges of their own culture. The true value of achieving a global perspective is learning that there are multiple ways to view a challenge and multiple ways to approach a solution. Developing the ability to see things from multiple perspectives is one of the building blocks to becoming a creative problem-solver.