Extracurricular learning presents an important role in students' development in school life. We align our curriculum with field trips, guest speakers, presentations, fairs, competitions, debates, whole school activities such as outdoor walks, community service projects under the frame of Round Square Organization, whole school reading hour, international and national celebrations, assemblies and many others.

We offer in-school clubs to reinforce students' strengths, interests, and curiosities in different fields. Some of the in-school clubs we offer in 2018-19 Academic Year are:

                                            Çamlıca Campus - In-School Clubs 2018-2019

Primary School: 

Visual Arts  -   Story Club  -   Story Writing  -   Maker Club  -   Sports Club  -   Handball  -   Dance Club  -  Remedial Turkish / French  -   French Fun  -   Pop Music Club

Middle and High School: 

Pop Music Club  -   Destination Imagination  -    Maker Club  -   Performing Arts  -    School Band  -  Remedial French, Turkish, Math  -   French DELF Exam Preparation  -  JMUN and MUN   - Futsal  -  STEM  -  Time Travel Clubahs-ap-ato-lye.jpeg