College Counselling



College Counselling at Keystone International School exists to help students who are considering an undergraduate education outside or inside of Turkey. Whether it be a university in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Europe or Turkey, we help students to develop a plan of action to achieve their career goals.

College Counselling is ready to assist students and parents throughout this process. We encourage our students to take the lead in the research, planning and decision making. Parents, counselors, and teachers are involved in this process and provide assistance. We offer a professional experience course from grade 10 onwards to raise awareness about professions and career goals so students take ownership of the process.

Selecting a college/university is one of the major steps in students' educational career and life. While it is true that choosing a college is a complex process, it can be an educational adventure and a time for personal growth, self-understanding and goal setting. Knowing where to begin, becoming aware of resources, accepting responsibility and recognizing their own potential, limitations, and needs will result in students selecting an appropriate university.

At Keystone, we, therefore, set career development goals for each academic year. Starting from grade 9 through to grade 12, students learn and develop appropriate skills necessary for a successful application; through collaboration with the English Department, students are taught techniques for standardized tests (SAT, ACT, AP IELTS, TOEFL), as well as the writing of motivational letter, personal statement, and CVs.

To assist in the transition from high school to university, international programmes such as Round Square, which allow students to be involved in community service projects and global competencies, play a fundamental role in helping students make such a major decision. In addition to these experiences, we also arrange for universities from abroad to visit our school for presentations, as well as visiting different university campuses in Turkey.