Vision, Mission and Philosophy



Keystone International and Kilittaşı Schools' mission is to provide children with the skills necessary to become confident, responsible, self-disciplined, environmentally and socially conscious, independent world citizens. Keystone educators direct students towards collaborating with others, using their analytical and critical abilities, and appreciating the beauty and wonder of life.

Keystone instils within the students the 21st-century skills / Life-long skills from Kindergarten to graduation with a holistic approach.  Students acquire the ability to think independently and work with others, as well as mastering their analytical and critical thinking skills. Our students are encouraged to express themselves fluently, creatively and artistically.



Keystone International and Kilittaşı Schools aims to educate students to be individuals who are:

  • Critical     
  • Creative     
  • Curious     
  • Caring     
  • Independent     
  • Communicative     
  • Confident      
  • Self- Disciplined      
  • Knowledgeable     
  • Open-Minded     
  • Happy

Keystone nurtures our students to be well rounded and intuitive while challenging them to excel academically. Our culturally diverse school environment prepares our students for the future when they will collaborate with others at a global level.