Keystone students graduate with the "21st-century skills" of confidence and self-discipline. They acquire the ability to think independently and work with others as well as mastering their analytical and critical thinking skills. Our students are able to express themselves fluently, creatively and artistically as they wonder about the beauty of life. 
Keystone education spans from early childhood to high school, and at each developmental stage -from toddler to young adult- it addresses the students' growing capacity for thinking, feeling, and willing (doing). This holistic, three-fold approach is referred to as learning through "head, heart, and hands."
Each step of the way is carefully and exceptionally planned to achieve the highest standards in modern education.

Keystone's philosophy and approach to education, through project-based learning and a Canadian Curriculum, along with multi-language acquisition is unique and distinctive.

Students are not only exposed to multiple languages, but they spend the whole day within the language and cultures associated with the target language. Languages are not learned with flashcards and memorization, but rather by listening, absorbing, and speaking. Through language immersion, students learn a second language just as they did their first language. Thus, they become bilingual or trilingual. The medium of classroom instruction is English. Students continue with French as a second language. Keystone's extraordinary approach to language and education is unrivaled amongst other schools.